The Life of an SEO Consultant

How it is to be a Consultant in the Internet Marketing Industry

Most internet marketing experts can probably tell you the best way to optimize your site for certain keywords. They could probably tell you the pros and cons of PPC vs SEO or give you a better understanding of how to conversion optimize your landing pages so that visitors buy more frequently from your website. You might think SEO consultants spend day and night in front of a computer running web marketing campaigns for different clients. However, Depending on the size of each company, the amount of time that a web marketing consultant spends dealing with actual marketing campaigns is probably less than you think.

A typical SEO Consultant’s day

The first thing I do when I get up is read a few articles from my RSS telling me the latest on the internet marketing world. I then probably take about two or three hours directing my developers and answering any questions they have. This is followed by a couple of hours of talking with my clients to update them on the latest developments of their various campaigns. Talking to my clients regularly is extremely important as even if there are absolutely no developments on my client’s campaigns, I find a way to think of something to tell them. If a client goes more than a week without hearing from their marketing firm, negative thoughts will start to creep up about their experience with this company. I then spend the rest of my time running the SEO, PPC, and Social Media Campaign for my own company website. This helps me gain first hand experience and not look out of place when talking to a client about their campaigns.

The Evolving SEO Consultant

Web marketing experts probably spend more time advancing and marketing themselves than doing the marketing for their clients. With debates raging on over the value of social media campaigns, PPC and even search engine optimization, these days it’s harder than ever to convince a company’s marketing department that they would get the highest rate of investment by hiring an internet marketing firm. SEO consultants, therefore, must act as both consultants and salesman.

Example: Client X asks me whether he can save money by selecting a package that does not include a social media option. I could tell my client how much time it takes for a typical Facebook fan page campaign to gain traction and get real results in terms of sales. I could get even more detailed and say that in some cases, the cost of each Facebook fan may cost up to $2 per fan and that less than 10% of these fans end up buying products. Of course, clients don’t usually like to hear these numbers because 10% seems like a really low number. What is hard for some clients to grasp, however, is that 10% is at least twice the conversion rate they are getting from other marketing channels. This 10% leads to some serious cash. What I tell client X is that someone who is friends with a Facebook fan of a certain website is a million times more likely to buy from this website than a competitor. This is called peer-approval. Knowing how negative 10% can seem to a company decision maker, I left that part out and told him what he needed to hear to understand how much Facebook will do for his company over time.

Computer Consulting Services: What Types of Consulting Do They Offer?

Regardless of your company’s industry, it probably depends on computers to carry out its business, especially for accessing critical data. As a result, it needs computer services that protect its data and the connections used to access it, such as Internet and intranet. To this end, companies have one of two choices: implement security measures on their own, or trust their security to computer consulting services, which provide critical data protection and streamline a company’s daily business that it conducts by computer.

Critical Services Offered by IT Consulting Companies

If you’ve never explored what an IT consulting service can do for your company, now is the time. Below, we examine four critical services that are commonly offered by IT consultants.

Spam Filtering

Everyone knows how annoying spam can be in a personal inbox, but find it in your business inbox and you could have trouble accessing critical emails that are lost amid its flood, a scenario that follows the malfunction of an onsite filter. Therefore, it’s best to back up onsite spam filtration with offsite filtration, (a.k.a. SaaS spam filtration). Having an extra measure of spam protection ensures that you’ll access the emails that you want without having to wade through the ones that you don’t.

Firewall Management

A firewall is the barrier of protection between a company’s information and outside or inside charlatans that would repurpose it. Firewalls are traditionally known for protecting databases against outside hacking attempts. But today’s firewalls also offer top protection against those that would pirate information from the inside, identifying actions that suggest malicious activity before a full perpetration takes place. As with spam filtration, backing up an onsite firewall with an offsite one is key to protecting your information.

Data Backup

Is your valuable backed up only by onsite hardware? If so, you’re putting it at risk to be destroyed in the event of fire, flooding, or a natural disaster. That’s why businesses opt to back up their information at an offsite location through SaaS backup. When presented with SaaS data backup, some companies fear that their data could be stolen from the offsite location. But providers of offsite backup use the most powerful encryption to protect it from attacks.

IT Services for Business

IT services offer several services that focus on protecting a company’s information and streamlining its daily business, such as: server management, desktop and laptop support, remote access/VPN, email and spam control, network security, data backup and disaster recovery, wireless services, support desk services, and IT budgeting and planning. Some businesses benefit from all of these services, while others require only a few. To learn how your business could benefit from the solutions offered by computer services, schedule an appointment with a computer consultant today.

Do Outsourcing Consultancy Services Hold Meaning for Enterprises Globally?

Outsourcing consultants are going places in the recent times. Since consultancy services are being availed internationally by both, IT as well as non-IT companies, no wonder why outsourcing consultants are being received so well globally.

Now let’s try to dig out more on reasons why outsourcing consultants and companies are doing so well on the World Wide Web. A good vendor focuses on chalking out an effective road map for a business to gauge and leverage opportunities through vigilant and efficient resource utilization. The success of consultancy services can be tracked from the quotient of competitive advantage it adds to the business.

Outsourcing companies that offer consultancy services specialize across four diverse areas to cater to the continually changing IT environment and resultant demands. Let’s discuss them one by one. Software Development is one of the core areas that are focused on. The software needs of almost all enterprises differ widely from each other. In order to meet all these IT demands adequately, the outsourcing company first makes a thorough analysis of the requirements, formulates strategies to leverage the best of the latest technologies, tools and resources to craft superior grade technology solutions. The software solutions entail product conceptualization & development, prototype development, testing services etc.

Another core area is constituted by Website design and development, which encompasses services like conceptualization, formation and execution of a fully functional website, displaying your products and services in the most relevant manner. The outsourcing consultants provide adequate guidance pertaining to logo designing, navigation and overall look-n-feel of the website.

The outsourcing company also focuses on online marketing. Once the online face of your business i.e., website is ready to be put up on the Web, it needs to be marketed and promoted aptly on the World Wide Web for top search engine rankings. A good search engine ranking promises considerable traffic to your website resulting in high number of potential customers and thereby more sales. Hence, these outsourcing consultants devise a good plan for carrying out SEO, web marketing, articles & blogs submission, product promotion etc.

What Does A Natural Health Consultant Do?

I am a certified Natural Health Consultant and I provide information and education to people seeking natural forms of healing and treatment. Most health consultants have a broad understanding of a variety of alternative health disciplines and may recommend a specific approach of alternative healing to a client. Approaches may include nutrition, homeopathy or herbal remedies. I try to combine all three when possible.

As a Natural Health Consultant, I discuss and assess health issues or symptoms with clients. These assessments include educating individuals about various methods of alternative health and recommending particular methods that will benefit a client. I sometimes will have to refer individuals to licensed practitioners or other health care providers because it is beyond the scope of my training.

You need to be knowledgeable about alternative health disciplines, including herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrition. The Natural Health Consultant is not necessarily an expert, nor a practitioner, in any of these fields. Remember, that we are not here to diagnose diseases.

However, the consultant’s expansive knowledge about the capabilities of all these fields allows them to explain alternative health options to people, advise them on which discipline might be an appropriate starting point, and assist them in being referred to those who can provide the necessary treatments.
He or she also may be familiar with additional areas of study, such as acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, or massage therapy, although a Natural Health Consultant may not be trained to perform these procedures.


Training varies depending on areas of interest. Currently, there areno set licensure requirements, but becoming certified by taking classes and seminars is one way to add validity to a career. I received my certificate through a Strafford Institute home study course. There are also colleges that offer classes as well as other home study programs.


There are many opportunities for a career in the natural health field. However, most consultants have there own practice. This way you can set your own rates and schedule, not to mention you are the boss.

What I have done with my certificate is two-fold. I built a website on alternative health and was able to spread my passion and knowledge to a broader audience. Secondly I started my own practice to meet with individuals one on one which is much more rewarding. I get to actually see the results of helping someone else.

So if you have a passion for alternative health I highly recommend that you consider getting trained as a Natural Health Consultant. It will be an extremely eye opening and rewarding experience.

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